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A Bit of a Delay in Updates!

Yes, I know, I haven’t been posting updates to my blog. Bad Fred!

My day job has been crazy busy and as I have switched to the 2014 Partnership to Success course, I have not been doing the 2013 training as I possibly should do.

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Customising OptimizePress 2 Blog Layout

As part of the 2014 Partnership to Success course, we are advised to use OptimizePress 2 as the theme for our blog. OptimizePress 2 is available as a theme or a plugin for an existing theme. For the purposes of the training it is recommended that you use the theme version on a new blog.

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WordPress Auto-Update

You may or may not know about a relatively new feature introduced into WordPress 3.7 – auto-update. In the WordPress 3.7 series and above, WordPress would update itself when a new minor version or security update is released. By default, WordPress would not upgrade itself to a major version (3.7 to 3.8 for example).

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How to Clone a WordPress Blog

Why would you clone a WordPress blog?
The answer is quite simple. When making major changes to your website, such as installing a new plugin or new theme, or applying updates, it is always a Good Idea™ to test it out on a backup copy before making changes to your live site.

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Internet Marketer WordPress Themes

As I have come from a website building background, there is one thing I have noticed about most of the IM themes for WordPress. From a design point of view, they really suck! I mean, come on people we are now in the 2010s ffs! Gone are the days of graphics heavy websites, flash animations or even, shudder, flash menus.

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