My Review of 6-Hour eBook by Mialei Iske

What is 6-Hour eBook?

“6-Hour eBook” is a new product creation course written by Mialei Iske. I was privileged to be able to read a pre-release version of her new eBook which aims to help people to create eBooks and get over the dreaded Writers Block. Anyone who has written, or tried to write, a book will have hit that wall at some point. By following her lessons, you will find that writer’s block will no longer be a problem.

Mialei’s writing style is informative and yet easy to digest, with a very clear progression as you work through the course. There are many “Aha!” moments where Mialei explains the steps she devised to help prepare for writing. Some of them seem so common sense or obvious that you wonder why no-one else has come up with the same sequence before. But that is the genius behind the course; because it is such an effective method it takes someone who truly understands the process to make it easier for others to understand. The best part is that you can apply the skills you learn to almost any form of writing, be it an  eBook, dissertation or blog post.

How did the Course Come About?

Mialei writes about many different and diverse subjects for her clients every day, so Writer’s Block is no stranger to her. By devising her own special method, Mialei was able to complete her writing tasks both faster and with fewer edits than before. By breaking each topic down into a basic series of tasks, she soon found the process was easier for her and teachable to others.

What does the 6-Hour eBook Course Contain?

One thing I really appreciated was that not only do you get an eBook, Mialei has taken the time to produce an audio series of her book for those who prefer to learn by listening over reading. The audio books are well read by the author who has a very easy to listen to voice, unlike some “professional” audio books I have heard. In addition, the audio version has some of the authors personal insights which help to expand on the lesson.

Does the Course Work?

Just like all things, you have to actually put the lessons you learn in 6-Hour eBook into action. Just reading the eBook or listening to the audio will not make you an author. Having read, digested and followed the steps, you will soon find your own pace. While the course is called 6-Hour eBook, you do not have to do the whole thing in one sitting. Providing you can complete each step, you can spread it out over a few days when your schedule will allow.

Mialei puts her money where her mouth is – the first draft of 6-Hour eBook was completed in less than a single day using this very method. There is also a 60-Day money back guarantee I think will not be required.

My Thoughts

This is a very impressive new course for all eBook authors, both aspiring and established. If you are looking at improving your ability to create eBooks, then you cannot afford to let this course go by. I cannot recommend this course highly enough.

When is 6-Hour eBook Available?

You can purchase the new course from Tuesday 7th April 2015 at 3pm EST. Mark that down in your diary and make sure you grab a copy as you will not regret it.

6-Hour eBook by Mialei IskeUpdate:
6-Hour eBook is now available – trust me, if you are thinking about writing an eBook, you need this training. For less than the price of most people’s lunch, you can get training from a proven expert.


Rating for 6-Hour eBook by Mialei Iske
  • Value for Money
  • Readability
  • Usefullness of information


This eBook writing course gets a definite 5 Star Rating. Easy to follow, with some really useful information and simple instructions, you’ll soon be writing eBooks, reports and blog posts like a professional. Cannot recommend highly enough.

6-Hour eBook is now live. Go grab yourself a copy now!

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