Link Supercharger Review

Today we look at Link Supercharger; the good, the not so good and the awesome. If you have arrived at this post without seeing the rest of my blog, you should check out a couple of my other posts before reading this – How To Cloak Your Affiliate Links and How to Cloak Your Affiliate Links, Part Deux.

In the second post I recommended a great little program called Link Supercharger which handled the creation, tracking and editing of your cloaked links. I also promised a personal review of Link Supercharger. As I have had time to play around with the program, I feel I can now give an honest review.

Download File Contents

The first thing that I noticed about Link Supercharger was that the download archive file contained just 3 files:

  1. readme.txt
  2. rights.txt
  3. install.php

That’s it! No more, no less. The readme.txt simply gives you the address of the online help videos, which I would highly recommend watching before installing or using the program.

Installing Link Supercharger

In a nutshell, you create a new directory in the website you wish to use for the cloaked links and upload the install file. Choose the name of the new directory carefully, as this will form the basis of your cloaked links. Common choices are /go/, /likes/, /recommends/, to name a few. You then run the installer by typing in into your browser address bar, answer a couple of questions and you have completed the simple setup. There are no database settings, arcane commands to type in or anything looking even slightly technical.

Once installed, head to and log in. The initial view is a simple interface, although you can have a more “advanced” interface which allows you to assign your links to categories and create Hot Pages (more on those later).

Link Supercharger Simple Interface

Link Supercharger Simple Interface

Using Link Supercharger (Simple Mode)

In simple mode, you simply enter the link name and the source URL. That’s it! It really is as simple as that. Your new cloaked links are now available to use anywhere you need to; blog posts, emails, squeeze pages. You name it, they are available. Another benefit of using Link Supercharger is that you can easily manage your links from one central location. If you need to change the source URL, you change it in one place and one place only. This updates all occurrences of the link automagically to the new location. No more hunting down each post, page or email and updating them.

Using Link Supercharger (Advanced Mode)

Link Supercharger Advanced Interface

Link Supercharger Advanced Interface

Advanced Mode provides you with the ability to add your link to a category, adding a page title for SEO purposes and adding the Hot Page text or image. I will highly recommend using the category feature as it allows you group together certain types of links.

What are Hot Pages?

Another incredibly useful feature of Link Supercharger is the so-called Hot Pages. These are special pages with a choice of your Link Supercharger links, presented on a single page which you direct people to. You can create Hot Pages with your latest links, links in a certain category or a combination of both.

Tip: I would suggest selecting all links with an image or all links with text when creating your Hot Pages as mixing them up is not such a pleasing result, although your mileage may vary.


While there are plenty of Link Cloaking methods and programs available, I do not believe any of them have the ease of use coupled with the advanced features offered by Link Supercharger. You can even get a free Lite version to test out today without any risk! Link Supercharger Lite is fully functional; the only limitation being that you can create a maximum 6 Hot Pages before having to upgrade. You can continue to use the rest of the Lite version without upgrading, so what’s stopping you? Grab your free copy of Link Supercharger today and cloak those links!


  1. Thanks Steven,I’m going to check out the Link Supercharger straight-away.

    I love programs like this which give you great functionality but still have a ‘Simple Mode’ to work with! That really resonates with me.

    I’ve used similar software before but the ‘Hot Pages’ function is something new, very interesting.



  2. Hi John,

    LinkSupercharger certainly is a slick piece of software, easy to, use and very effective. Grab the Multi-domain version from The P2S website and you’re good to go.


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