Partnership to Success – A Time to Choose

A lot of people say that your blog posts should not be about the person writing the blog, they should be about  the reader. Well, while I agree with that, this is not one of those posts. This is a post about me, Fred, and the struggle I am having.

Sometimes you can have too many choices, and the very fact you have those choices will cause you to do nothing. I have come to the second crossroads concerning Partnership to Success. The first was the major crossroads; do I sign up and spend a not inconsiderable chunk of cash or continue as I was, heading more and more into debt? It took about six months and some fairly extensive research to choose John Thornhill as my mentor.

The second, minor, crossroads has now come. I have seen the next phase of training – niche selection and product creation. And I’m not ashamed to admit this scares me. Give me the technical. Give me the task of creating a website. That holds no fears for me. In fact, I enjoy the challenge. It has almost become boring it is so easy to do.

Now the training has moved out of my comfort zone I am not so sure of myself. I can hear the little voice in the back of my head getting louder. You know that little voice. It’s the one that says you are not good enough. The little voice that, if you let it, will make you fail like a self-fulfilling prophesy. Well, I am here now to say to that little voice “Screw you. I am on this course and I am going to stay on this course until I have completed it.

What does this have to do with a choice and the course? As you probably know, John Thornhill has recently closed the doors on the updated Partnership to Success training program and we are now on week two. Meanwhile on the previous version, I am up to week 9. For those of you who have gone through the course know this is the niche selection phase. Because I started at an odd time, 20th December 2013 to be exact, there is no one else at exactly the same point as myself.

By switching to the new 2014 course, I get to learn along with a lot of other people who are at the same stage. I believe this makes the whole learning process much easier as we can help each other out where needed. This does, however, mean conceding a little to that damned little inner voice. I get to put off the hard decision of niche selection and product creation for another couple of months. So this is the crossroads ahead of me. Do I stick with the 2013 version, or switch to the 2014 version instead?

I’m sure that some of you have already guessed the answer; the new look of this website is a big give-away! I have decided, rightly or wrongly, to switch to the new course. While I may have had a glimpse at what is coming, what I have seen is not going to be exactly the same in the new course. We have already deviated slightly from the 2013 course in substance, but the point of the lessons are still the same.

I’m not trying not to sound like an Apple fanboi, but I honestly believe that signing up for this course is the best thing I have done for a very long time. John Thornhill has proven himself to abide by his own tagline – Simple, Honest, Ethical.

To my fellow students I bid you greetings, to those who missed out on joining, I say watch out for the doors to re-open. If you are looking at “making it” in Internet Marketing and it’s associated disciplines, you cannot go wrong with John Thornhill and his Partnership to Success training. Providing you are able to do as you are told!

That’s it for now. Normal posting will continue shortly!


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