Week 8 and Product/Niche Selection Time

Week 8 email dropped in to my mail box this evening. I followed the link to this weeks Partnership to Success training and now we are starting the next phase of the course. I’m guessing it’s niche selection and product creation seeing as, well, I do not want to give the whole course away, but it’s all about how you choose your niche.

It is worth taking time over this part of the course. You can understand that it is so very important to choose the right niche to concentrate on at least for the first product or two (see, I’m already thinking about the future!) Until you are comfortable with the creation process it is best to build on your current knowledge set.

This part gives you a week to come up with a list of areas which reflect your strengths and where your interests lie. Using the guide provided, I am certain we’ll end up with a list of ideas to help us with the next phase.

There is another question we need to ask ourselves here. The all new Partnership to Success 2014 course starts Monday, 10th February. Now, for those of us who are only partway through the course, do we continue with the training from the 2013 course, or start over with the 2014?

On one hand, if we continue with the 2013 course it means that we may miss out on updated information. On the other hand, it does mean that there is an eight week or longer delay before the 2014 course catches up with us. But on the gripping hand, we do have an advantage in that we have all this extra time to choose our niche and make it the best choice possible.

Sometimes too many options lead to indecision and inactivity which is a killer for most people starting out in this industry. Ohh well, I have a week to decide.

Take care people, and be happy!


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