Week 7 Down, 45 To Go!

Wow, week 7 already, doesn’t time fly when you are having fun! Week 6 of the Partnership to Success program is the end of the blog set-up phase. Although I am eligible for the new 2014 course, I am waiting for the information to be able to log in and check out the upgraded course. I am sure it will come in the fullness of time; John and co must be fantastically busy after what I gather is a pretty big launch success.

There are a couple of tweaks to be done to the blog, but I have decided to not rush out and do them in the first few minutes after watching the videos. I will take my time and go back over weeks 1-6 to ensure I have both understood and implemented the necessary steps for blogging awesomeness! There are a couple of steps I haven’t yet taken, one of them being the ordering of a decent header graphic. The one I currently have is okay, not great but certainly not terrible either.

Next week we are moving on to product creation. I am really looking forward to next week, albeit with a touch of trepidation as I do not yet have any idea what I am going to be creating. I’m sure I will be finding out what it will be once I have a few more weeks under my belt. If the next phase is taught as well as the first phase, I am sure I will be in a good place to be creating a product.

Although the Partnership to Success course is geared towards the IM market, I am confident that if my talents are in a different area the course will be good enough to aid me in my product creation. Having previously created in-house software run by other companies, I know the sense of satisfaction when you see other people using what you have made. My current contract is for creating a stock system for a company with some rather unique requirements. I cannot say who or what, but it is interesting and is keeping me off the streets.

Anyway, that’s it for the Partnership to Success update. If you are seriously thinking about starting a career on-line then I do not know of anyone who is running a training course of such a high standard. 100% success rate? You betcha!

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