Partnership to Success – My Journey Continues

After a quick blast through weeks 2-5 by requesting a fast track approach, I decided that I would follow the course as it was originally intended. So I took a small break from the Partnership to Success program until time caught up with me!

I have just finished week 6, which was all about making connections to other people. As you can see, I now have a list of people in my sidebar; these are links to other people also on the P2S course. What I find interesting is following the links, seeing what other people are doing and how their blogs look. Even though we all receive the same instructions, it’s interesting to see how each student interprets and personalises their website.

You can also see the difference between those who are further along into the course and those just starting out. The biggest hint being those who have actually released and are promoting their own products! For me, that is the one area of the course causing the most concern. Just what the <profanity filter enabled> am I going to create a product about? I have been wracking my brains out over this and each idea I have had has proven to be a bit, well, terrible! I’m not going to list what I came up with so far, as some are really embarrassing.

Ohh well, I’m sure something will present itself at some point. I am really looking forward to the next few weeks training as it seems it will switch from building this blog to the next stage. What will that be? Well, why don’t you sign up for the course yourself and find out?

Talking about the Partnership to Success course, you may have heard that there is a major relaunch going on today. Brought up to date and with new training, you will not find a better course for the money! You may have noticed that my advertising of this course is a little, well, underwhelming. This is because I currently have a list of one. And that is my test account. However, the whole point of this course is to help improve your visibility, social standing and build targeted lists as well as creating your own products. I just have not got to that bit yet!

If the thought of laying out such a large chunk of money is too intense and not what you think you can comfortably do, trust me – it’s quite simply the best couple of grand you can spend your money on.


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