A Bit of a Delay in Updates!

Yes, I know, I haven’t been posting updates to my blog. Bad Fred!

My day job has been crazy busy and as I have switched to the 2014 Partnership to Success course, I have not been doing the 2013 training as I possibly should do. I have been experimenting with OptimizePress 2 Pages (the ones created  using the OptimizePress Page Builder, not the normal WordPress Pages). It definitely is very interesting and a lot of fun!

Well, it would be if it were just a bit more stable. On one page alone I had it stop refreshing the page after an edit 7 times; just sat at the greyed out page with the spinner going. Left it for 35 minutes at one time because I had made a lot of changes and didn’t want to lose them. If you refresh, you have often lost any changes you had made from the previous manual save. So if you are creating pages in the Live Page Builder, I suggest hitting the Save and Continue button every time you make an edit!

Anyway, once you learn that little tip, it isn’t that bad. There are some little oddities and some real WTF?! moments but on the whole it is a very powerful, very useful tool in our arsenal. None of the pages created so far are for public consumption yet, they are purely for learning the how of creating pages in OP2.

When not creating OP2 Pages, I am working my way through the Profit from PLR course from John Thornhill. Having a fairly impressive collection of PLR material I bought in my misguided early attempts to make some cash on the side, it is time to actually make some use of it! While it may mean that the early attempts at getting interest may fail and most may make only a little amount, it is the experience I need for when my “created from scratch” product is ready for release.

I am undecided about whether or not to promote some of them here, as I really do not want this website become spammy and full of “buy me” crap. Most of the products are being spit across several other websites I run, mainly to judge how well the traffic generation techniques work.

Going by the 2013 course, we have a little time before we start on the main part of P2S, so I hope to get a little more efficient at creating sales/squeeze/landing pages soon.


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