A Bit of a Delay in Updates!

Yes, I know, I haven’t been posting updates to my blog. Bad Fred!

My day job has been crazy busy and as I have switched to the 2014 Partnership to Success course, I have not been doing the 2013 training as I possibly should do. I have been experimenting with OptimizePress 2 Pages (the ones created  using the OptimizePress Page Builder, not the normal WordPress Pages). It definitely is very interesting and a lot of fun!

Well, it would be if it were just a bit more stable. On one page alone I had it stop refreshing the page after an edit 7 times; just sat at the greyed out page with the spinner going. Left it for 35 minutes at one time because I had made a lot of changes and didn’t want to lose them. If you refresh, you have often lost any changes you had made from the previous manual save. So if you are creating pages in the Live Page Builder, I suggest hitting the Save and Continue button every time you make an edit!

Anyway, once you learn that little tip, it isn’t that bad. There are some little oddities and some real WTF?! moments but on the whole it is a very powerful, very useful tool in our arsenal. None of the pages created so far are for public consumption yet, they are purely for learning the how of creating pages in OP2.

When not creating OP2 Pages, I am working my way through the Profit from PLR course from John Thornhill. Having a fairly impressive collection of PLR material I bought in my misguided early attempts to make some cash on the side, it is time to actually make some use of it! While it may mean that the early attempts at getting interest may fail and most may make only a little amount, it is the experience I need for when my “created from scratch” product is ready for release.

I am undecided about whether or not to promote some of them here, as I really do not want this website become spammy and full of “buy me” crap. Most of the products are being spit across several other websites I run, mainly to judge how well the traffic generation techniques work.

Going by the 2013 course, we have a little time before we start on the main part of P2S, so I hope to get a little more efficient at creating sales/squeeze/landing pages soon.


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  1. Hi Steven,

    I didn’t look into the OptimizePress 2 Pages yet, so it is good to know that is tends to hang and hitting ‘save and continue’ is recommended.

    Thanks for the heads up,

    1. Hi Torsten,

      Thanks for visiting! It’s like a lot of clever and complicated things people make to run in browsers – I have found them to be a bit more fragile than programs running locally. You don’t necessarily have to hit Save every time, but it sure doesn’t hurt.

      Take care and have fun

  2. Hi Steven

    Yes, it takes a wee bit of time to get your head around OP2. I don’t think I have got the complete hang of it yet, but it does look great for squeeze pages and the like.

    I have quite a bit of PLR stuff as well, some of good, and some of it not so. I have found it useful for getting ideas for creating a product.



    1. Hi Arny,

      Thanks for visiting! I’m guessing a lot of people on the course have gone through the same process of falling for the “buy this for $7 and make $1,000s!”. Some of the stuff is good, but only tell you half the job. It’s up to you to join the dots and bring them all together. At least the P2S course is complete and seems to cover all of the process.

      Take care and have fun!

  3. Hey Steve,
    Blog is looking good! I like the fact that you have done a few bits a bit different (social media logo’s for example).
    One Q’s I do have, is what sharing software are you using? Your ‘Share this’ bar looks good….the sharebar that we are supposed to be using I am not loving at all!…no google+ etc etc. I know we can add them but just seems like a pain!
    The other Q is how you have your pic’s alongside the comments…is that using Gravitas (or whatever it’s called) or via Google+ etc?
    Thanks ‘Fred’ !
    I will now have a read through some of your posts & make comments.

    1. Hi Nigel,

      Thanks for visiting and the comments. I’m using the Share module of JetPack by WordPress. I installed JetPack as it has some other useful modules built in, although I am experimenting with Slim JetPack on another website. Slim JetPack has all the bits I use of JetPack, but without the reported overhead or required WordPress.com account. I also installed JetPack Extras to tweak the sharing features a little.

      Ahhh, yes the Gravatars. I used them a long time ago and promptly forgot about them when my last foray into blogging died. Can be a bit of a pain to set up, but if you follow the post on Jon Crimes blog (http://www.joncrimes.com/blog/gravatar-image-displaying-wordpress-posts/) then you’ll be okay 🙂

      Take care and have fun!

  4. Hi Steve

    I am enjoying this course. I joined up for the 2014 course in the second week so my weekly training on the membership site is running behind.

    You can certainly tell those that have more experience just by looking at their blogs. Mine is quite plain just now as I am following John’s instructions. Although I must admit I am tempted to experiment with a few things. But I won’t, just in case I muck it all up.

    Take Care

    1. Hi Pauline,

      Welcome to my blog and thank you for your comments. I certainly wouldn’t worry about the look of your blog – you will find it changes over time. It definitely is best to follow John’s training though as he knows the overall game plan better than anyone else on the course!

      You will find the area in which you shine sooner or later and people will be coming to you for help. Just look at others who are on or have gone through the course like Randy, Sue and Noel. They seem to have started out pretty much the same as us and have done well for themselves!

      Take care and have fun!

  5. Hi Steven (Fred)

    Thank you for the insight and heads up about OP2 page builder, I haven’t looked at them yet, but do these common errors occur, and would you advise that it’s probably best to do one change at a time, rather than multiple changes?

    Thanks again


    1. Hi Sky,

      Thanks for visiting. The Page Builder isn’t quite as flakey as I might have made it out, but it definitely isn’t as stable as it will be.

      As to how often you force a save is down to you – if you find it stable enough then every few minutes should be okay. I tend to hit the save and continue button every other save just in case!

      Take care and have fun!

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