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This is a follow-up to a previous post I made (Internet Marketer WordPress Themes, back in December 2013) .

What’s that coming over the hill? It’s a new Google Update!

You may or may not know that Google have announced that their next update dubbed “Mobilegeddon“. This update will severely affect websites which are not mobile friendly. From April 21st, 2015 any site which is not mobile friendly will be penalised and have their position in the results negatively affected. Now, I know that some of you couldn’t give a flying monkey’s left, um, arm for what Google do, but for a lot of people it is very important.

If you are still building your list, backlinks, social presence, etc, you are pretty well tied to what Google do in their constant algorithm updates. And you can be sure that Bing, Yahoo, et al will follow suit. So, what are you to do? The cheapest method is to check out the resources I mention in the original post. There are some free plugins you can install to instantly put a plaster over the seeping wound that is your out-of-date website layout. You could even buy a new WordPress plugin which, after reading the sales page, to me looks like it does nothing more than the free ones I have previously discussed. I’m not going to link to it because I don’t think it’s worth paying even the small amount being asked for if you can get the same for free.

What are my options?

“Responsive” refers to the manner in which a website will re-arrange its layout to fit into the screen of the viewing device.

That is a very good question. My suggestion is to invest in a new theme for your blog that embraces modern design and coding standards, is responsive and brings a breath of fresh air to your website. The are many very nice and clean WordPress themes available. Some cost a lot, some not a lot, some are free. It’s worth shopping around until you find the one you like.

Should I use a Free or Premium Theme?

When checking out the free themes on, or by going to your admin dashboard and selecting Appearance -> Themes -> Add new, make sure that there are no hidden links to other websites. Some authors will insert links to their own products and websites in their free themes. This is to help cover the cost of developing the free theme but can negatively affect your website ranking. While this is fine for your personal blog, it is always considered more professional to use a “premium” or paid for WordPress theme without branding or hidden links.

There are some very good theme shops online. I personally use the following for my themes:

You can find some very good WordPress themes on each of those sites. Go on, your WordPress website deserves a facelift!


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