And so it begins

Hi all and thanks for reading this, the inaugural post of my new blog!

Okay, enough of all the fancy language, I promise to write as me from now on. I’ll try not to offend anyone but sometimes the odd “bad” word slips out. Consider yourselves warned!

So, why yet another blog and this time why in my real name? Well, to cut a long story short, after spending too much time and money I didn’t have on products I didn’t need, I have joined the famous Partnership to Success program with John Thornhill. I first heard about this on one of Johns webinars with Omar. His no BS approach pulled no punches and resonated with me. To be honest I don’t really remember what the webinar was about (sorry John!). I cancelled some other monthly subs I had going but was not actually using and saved enough to get in through the door. Not quite dancing chicken time but was getting close!

So far I have worked my way through week 1 and although was fairly basic stuff for me, I can see how it will help people who have not had a blog before. There are only a couple of things I was not able to do. One was set up this blog on D9 Hosting. I know they are nice and reasonably priced (I hate the word cheap!) but I already have hosting set up on Site5 after recently moving from Heart Internet. I may switch some of the sites I have over but that is for the future. Having one host is enough and I have found Site5 fast, friendly and very knowledgeable.

I find the set-up of websites simple and straightforward. Filling them with content and promoting them is a different story altogether! I have read, watched, re-read and re-watched countless guides but have not actually put anything into action. This is no-ones fault but my own. I just do not seem to be able to stay the course with any one, er, course. P2S is going to be different. Very different.

Anyway, that’s enough to get this blog going.


In case you are wondering, “Fred” is my nickname.

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