Five Proven Tips To Boost Your Amazon Affiliate Earnings

During the past few years, Amazon affiliates is helping marketers earn big chunks of their online income. It is one of the easiest programs to join, implement and earn profits from. If you are already in affiliate marketing, the Amazon affiliate program is the best choice to help you earn a maximum amount of money.

It sounds pretty easy to get into it, but there is bit more that goes into making the most of your Amazon Affiliate account. Here are some top tips to help you increase earnings and become the extension that brands and consumers will come to trust.

Split test your pages

Whenever you are writing any product description or anything related to a product, have an idea about what reader’s need or what readers are looking for.

Split testing allows you to select the best text or best design for a page. It helps you to learn what readers are looking for and what satisfies their need. Sometimes, using a different angle to present your point of view can bring a change of thinking for a reader.

Include a Call To Action at the end of articles

CTA’s help your readers take action or guide people to what step they have to take next. It is been seen that most affiliates end their article without telling readers what to do next.

Instead of using lots of links scattered throughout the article, hoping that the user will click one, tell them specifically to click the link at the end to be taken to Amazon.

Personalize your recommendations

People love being asked about the thing they are looking for. Quizzing helps you to engage visitors. For this you can ask a few questions and send them to a recommended landing page of Amazon based on their answers.

This way, you won’t only earn clicks for yourself. You’ll also convert better, since you really are delivering value to the reader by showing them a product that can help them make a decision.

Positioning is key for Amazon products

The position of the product on your affiliate page matters when it comes to conversions and clicks. The position of the product on your page makes a huge difference in your returns.

Although you can make use of links on your page and pictures throughout, the bottom line is that you need to position the product after the conclusion which will state that the person needs to purchase the product.

If you position it at the top of your page, then the person is ten million times more likely to just Google the product rather than clicking your link.

Take advantage of tracking IDs

Tracking IDs are of great use to affiliates, because it allows you to track which affiliate links are converting better than others. They might even help you understand why they are converting better than others.

Amazon provides hundreds of tracking IDs, and using more than one ID can be helpful to track the best reviews which are redirecting large chunks of traffic and convert better.

Amazon affiliate marketing is quite a helpful way to earn a huge amount of profit, and the above mentioned tips will help you achieve that.

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