Don’t Try Commission Gorilla Without Reading This First

If you have been an affiliate for any length of time, you know that offering your own bonuses with a promotion can make you more sales and bigger commissions. A couple of super-affiliates have been quietly testing and refining this process and found that extra bonuses will often multiply your commissions by up to 4x!

You read that right. You could earn way more commissions if you offer your own bonus!

You might think that simply offering a bonus will make you more money. But you have to think about how you are going to offer these bonuses. Simply put, you need to create your own bonus pages. It takes time, some skill and/or money to do this the right way. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to generate the professional, inviting and profitable pages that compel people to buy through their link.

That is until now…

What if I told you there is a clever piece of software that makes creating these impressive bonus pages “drag and drop” easy to make? Not to mention the delivery pages at the same time! Commission Gorilla is packed with features designed to help make those bonus pages irresistible:

  • Point and click simple WYSIWYG editor. Don’t know how to code or design a web-page? No problem!. Commission Gorilla makes it simple to point, click and type your way to high-converting bonus pages. You can add text, images, insert videos and even high-impact CTA (Call To Action) buttons. Quickly and easily. I dare you to find an easier way to create your next bonus page.
  • Bonus Library. It’s all well and good having a bonus page, but you also need bonuses to add to it! Most affiliates have a list of bonuses they can add to an offer. With Commission Gorilla makes it easy to organise your bonuses. You can add your bonuses to your own, personal library, and add them to your bonus page quickly and easily. You then drag and drop the bonus block onto your bonus page. Viola! You’re done. The longer you spend using Commission Gorilla and the Bonus Library to create your bonus pages, the faster you’ll get.
  • Free hosting. What if you are just starting out and don’t currently have a website? (I’d still advise you getting one, though.). Commission Gorilla will host your Bonus Pages for you. At no extra charge. You can download and upload to your website if you wish. The choice is yours. Want to add your Commission Gorilla bonus page to your WordPress website? No problem. Simply add the free plugin to your website, select the bonus page and you’re done.
  • Bonus delivery handled automatically. Commission Gorilla creates a custom Bonus Delivery Page for you. Without you having to do it yourself!. Pre-written text blocks are also available to simply drop. This makes page creation even faster than before. You need to be fast when targeting a product launch when speed often means the difference between being on the leaderboard and being an also-ran.
  • Duplicate Page feature. Once you have perfected your bonus page, you can duplicate it at a touch of a button. Tweak it for another offer and you have cut the creation time to mere minutes rather than hours or even days. It’s so easy and fast!
  • Dashboard stats. Part of a successful affiliate strategy is tracking how well your pages perform. This way you can quickly see which pages are performing better than others. Commission Gorilla’s deceptively simple Dashboard has all the information you need at a glance. Gone are the days of guessing, or (shudder) struggle with complex spreadsheets. Now you’ll know for sure.
  • Social share buttons. We all know that promoting your bonus pages are key. You can add the built-in Social Share buttons, promote your page and let other people promote your page. Just like text blocks, bonus blocks, video blocks, etc. you simply drag, drop and save.

I could keep going on about how cool Commission Gorilla is because there is so much more to it. This includes attention bars, exit pop-ups and countdown timers. As a part of Commission Gorilla, you will also get some DFY (Done For You) bonuses to help you get started.

I believe you will not find a better way to get your bonus pages looking good, getting shared and making you commissions.

Yes you could fire up your trusty HTML editor (needs a high level of technical expertise). Or you could use a website page builder (which needs a website). And a lot of page builders are not designed specifically to create these types of pages. Or cost a LOT of money.

Commission Gorilla was designed with marketers in mind to do one thing – make great affiliate pages quickly and easily. That’s all. And because it is so focused on this single task, Commission Gorilla excels where others get bogged down. It doesn’t matter what your skill level or background is. You can create the high-converting, compelling bonus pages other people dream of.

Commission Gorilla isn’t just for affiliates promoting other people’s products. Why not use it to create bonus pages for your own products?. You can create bonus pages, coupons and special offers for your online or offline business. Best of all…

  • You don’t need any design skills.
  • You don’t need a big budget to hire a designer.
  • You don’t need to know any code.
  • Treat yourself to the Pro option and you’ll get some add-on features to power-up your bonuses pages as well!

What do I think? Check out my full review or jump directly to my Commission Gorilla bonus page. Created in Commission Gorilla, of course!

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